Fun Acoustics

It’s too bad we can’t directly see what’s going on with sound waves when they interact with each other and the obstacles they encountered while traveling through a medium, but with the aid of some controlled experiments we can. I’ve found a few interesting articles and videos that show and explain wave behavior. The first link points to some reading material on the subject, but I’d suggest you watch the videos and animations before you read. Having the visual in mind helps to understand the verbal. You may be asking, why fill your brain with this stuff? Because it relates to the logic behind the Parallel Audio Project. It clarifies the how & why physics directed the system’s development instead of blindly following conventional assumptions. You see, good sound starts with good physics.

A slew of short articles about various aspects of sound, waves, and acoustics. Each neatly explains a single topic. Go through them in order or pick and choose as desired : [Sound Waves and Music]

Although this video was made decades ago, it’s still a good illustration of the way waves interact. This shows how the size, number and spacing of sound source(s) effect wave propagation : [Interference Patterns]

This series of five short videos succinctly demonstrates the properties of waves similar to the previous video, yet going into greater detail : [More Interference]

To good sound and happy ears : [ParallelAudio]

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