about the myth of face

These faces are young and old, dark and light, from diverse origins. Close up we initially tune into the differences. The differences that politically and culturally make them the other. The differences that are argued about and fought over. Given time and with a protracted gaze we find the faces begin to meld together. Distinctions become dubious, superficial, artificial. Soon they morph into one universal Face : without color, without age, without agenda.

The images are hand enlarged gelatin silver, 61 cm square, hand painted with artist’s oils, mounted and sealed with an acrylic varnish, framed as shown. The circular is hand gilded, solid aluminum. The inner frame is a walnut burl veneer. Wheels mounted on the rear corners track in the outer circle allowing the inner square to be rotated. There is only one of each in this uniquely framed series.

the myth of face #1-#12

$3900. each

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