about i dialoghi italiani

This series is straight forward. Its strength lies in its directness, its simplicity, its honesty. Yet, this fact highlights the deception of traditional, straight photography. For this series, it misses the uniquely idiosyncratic interpretation of Italy. An interpretation that transforms place and object into subjective view, personal vision, and emotive response. Within each image is a conversation I have had with Italia. Taking only a quick, casual glance, the images may at first seem ordinary. Take another moment longer and the images begin to invade the psyche, perhaps stir a memory or strike a chord of resonance.

Images are 12 x 18 cm, printed on 28 x 35.5 cm warm-tone paper, sepia toned and matted to 41 cm square. This series is printed in a very limited edition of only three each. Price varies according to the edition number. Each image is hand enlarged & processed, signed & numbered, corner mounted on acid-free foamcore with an 8 ply 100% cotton matte.

Number 3/3 — $360.

Number 2/3 — $540.

Number 1/3 — $720.

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