artist statement

In these terms one will surely understand what I consider to be the true function of poetry [and art]. It is to nourish the spirit of man by giving him the cosmos to suckle. We have only to lower our standard of dominating nature, and to raise our standard of participating in it in order to make this reconciliation take place.

from “The Silent World Is Our Homeland.” Francis Ponge


Science provides substance for our intellect, the arts for our heart. In ancient Greece, a balance of mind, body and spirit was regarded as the ideal : mathematics for the mind, gymnastics for the body, music for the spirit.

Still, in a way, nobody sees a flower—really—it is so small—we haven’t time—and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.

Georgia O’Keefe


My work aims to capture the viewer’s eye without fanfare or flourish, and then to engage with one’s inner secrets. A little whisper of a message hiding on the surface, perhaps at first unnoticed. A little forgotten sensation floating up into one’s consciousness. The soft murmuring messages in my images may be quite subtle. In the myth of face series it is through of the individual faces who gradually merge into one universal face. In the i dialoghi italiani series, the message is voiced through intimate perspectives that coalesce into a richer panorama. In the in the image of the gods series, it is through the ordinary bodies, each revealing their own beauty, each created in their own likeness, each rising towards their own perfection.

I search for the universal in art. It could be seen as anachronistic to create work that doesn’t shout, that speaks without words, convoluted concepts, or impenetrable idiosyncrasies. Instead, I trust my inner eye to guide the imagery, to allow the development of multiple strata of subliminal motifs without interference from the intellect. This deeper meaning takes time to reveal itself, like to have a friend takes time.