Time Out

time’s run out

“Only Time Will Tell” —Mike Oldfield, The Songs of Distant Earth

It’s time for a break. I need time to process. I need recovery time.

“Something Ain’t Right” —David Byrne, uh-oh

And I hope others take time to reflect, too. Time is of the essence.

“Sometime Ago” —Flora Purim, Open Your Eyes You Can Fly

The moment to take action, to take the bull by the horns, to wrestle with this hour and to ask, “Why haven’t we questioned the answers?” The time is now. Time will tell.

“Time’s Lie” —Flora Purim, Open Your Eyes You Can Fly

Time heals all wounds, in time. Even that answer needs questioning.

“History Will Teach Us Nothing” —Sting, Nothing Like the Sun

Do we have the time? Dare we take more time? The clock is ticking.

“No Time This Time” —The Police, Reggatta de Blanc

In the meantime, here are some timeless words to while away your time.

Read this pull no punches commentary: [Farewell, America]

Then review this recent post : [Double Bubble]

The next couple of months will be time crunch for me in preparation for a major move, a long time coming. So, it may be some time until the next post.

See you after the time out.

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