Here’s my, not quite latest, (new) Discovery to share with you. Although I’ve been listening for months, it’s the consistency and lasting power that’s spurred this review. There are many other podcasts I listen to regularly, some initially were attractive, but alas, proved intellectually weak and lacking in substance. Not so with To The Best Of Our Knowledge, an interview program from Wisconsin Public Radio. Of all the thought provoking programs coming out of public radio and television, TTBOOK has to be among the top three for its range, depth and thoroughness. There are throngs of like programs with similar formats, none of its calibre. Each week’s broadcast/podcast focusses on a single subject spotlighted from multiple angles through the insight of a few brilliantly selected guests. The interviewers, Jim Fleming, Anne Strainchamps and Steve Paulson draw out their interviewees with attentiveness and scrupulously well thought-through questioning. If that were all there is to it, it’d be an outstanding program. They top those skills with their most impressive asset; the treatment of each topic with reasoned composure and penetrating adeptness. Even when the subject may, at first, have you thinking, “I’m not interested in this,” they’ll turn it inside-out, then dig in to find the intrigue you may never have suspected was lying within. To The Best Of Our Knowledge lives up to its name. It is To The Best Of Our Knowledge.

Go listen : [TTBOOK]

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