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Offered in this post are two slideshows. The first highlights the process of making a home one’s own. Every room was modified in some way. Most of the modifications were small jobs, painting and easy cosmetic changes. Others were more involved, a couple were complete guts. The second video details one of the guts, an extensive kitchen remodel. And I mean remodel, not refreshing, not redecorating, not rejuvenation. This was not a pull-out-the-old and stick-in-the-new kind of job. It was a metamorphosis of concept, design and function. Looking at the old kitchen, you may ask why, what’s wrong? It looks pretty good, granite counters, nice cabinets, spacious. It’s a shame to tear out a kitchen that was new only eight years ago. It’s a shame to waste time and money for something only superficially nice. Everything under the surface of the old kitchen was wrong, awkward work flow, cheap appliances, inadequate ventilation. . . It was merely assembled. There had been no forethought or care. Topping the list of wrongs was function—the number one reason for the remodel. Function was a priority for every design decision along the way. After all, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It sees the most use, gets the most traffic and takes the most abuse. It needs to function smoothly, make cooking a pleasure and facilitate conversation. Watch and see what can be done with a little foresight and imagination.

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[Kitchen Transformation]

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