Intelligence, Sound, and the Concertgebouw

The current state of our political system has taken its toll. The electorate’s complacency and ignorance has taken its toll. The media’s irresponsible performance of its duty to inform the public has taken its toll. All signs point to deadlock, to a divided populace polarized by irreconcilable differences of opinion and politicians paralyzed by a refusal to compromise. I’m jaded.

Enter Intelligence Squared, Oxford style debate held in the US. Each debate brings in four, not two, debaters who are well versed on the subject at hand. A well organized and moderated protocol keeps the discussion on track and levelheaded. With two opinions voiced on each side of the debate, we get a broader picture of the issues. Instead of two highly divergent guests locking horns, getting nowhere, and leaving the listeners yet more divided, we get multiple views voiced. A middle ground is uncovered and a clearer picture of the topic is formed. With more time to express complex ideas and dig deeper into the subject, listeners get a quantity and quality of information needed to form an informed opinion. With its expanded format, the audience has a chance to think along with the speakers and time to consider their views. These debates go to show that my low opinion of the public is not fully justified. Given a forum that presents us with more thorough discussions, sensible arguments, and less antithetical positions, we Americans can make better choices. But we need information, not sound bites. We need sound discussions, not talking heads screaming at each other. We need the Intelligence Squared type of reasonable and mature debate to get us out of deadlock. Check out the link and download the podcasts : [Intelligence Squared].

TTBOOK does it again. Listen to the podcast [Surrounded by Sound].

And on the lighter side, watch [Everything Sounds Better at the Concertgebouw] and [Scooters at the Concertgebouw] and [Construction at the Concertgebouw] and more [Sounds Better at the Concertgebouw].

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