Nature’s Way – III


On the Parallel Audio front, I find when I get embroiled with fussing over a detail that is effectively trying to fix a problem created by a fix which usually creates yet another problem that needs fixing, I end up with a mess as convoluted as this sentence. When I regroup, backup, take it from the top and find a simpler, more direct, streamlined method, it irons out the wrinkles and simultaneously clears up multiple issues all in one smooth move. I’ve done this many times while working on the Project.

Good design is the art of compromise. It requires global thinking to avoid the pitfalls of getting mired on one point while ignoring many others. This is why the Project doesn’t make any single element the sole focus of its design. By considering the consequences of every decision along the way, the Project’s journey has been kept, from beginning to end, as direct and simple as possible. This keeps the compromises and pitfalls at a minimum. It endows the Project with low distortion, low resonance, and a balanced, even, smooth off-axis response—and that means natural sound.

Parallel Audio uses nature’s way, the lazy streamlined way to make the sound of reality : direct and simple.

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