The Blue Turd

Take a look at this (to navigate, click on the page to go to the next reason) : The Internet is Shit 

Another view that‘s a bit less shitty than most : End the Insanity

As the second link suggests, it’s not just the internet that’s full of it. We’ve been led this way and that, promised and assured, and those promises and assurances and guidances have led us astray and betrayed us. We’re either stupid or insane, or both. How many times do we have to be deceived, double-crossed, cheated, sold down the river, made a fool, stabbed in the back, lied to, have the wool pulled over our eyes, smoke screened, snookered, hoodwinked, tricked, defrauded, suckered, hornswoggled, taken to the cleaners, shafted, misguided, deluded and bamboozled before we say. . , ? “STOP!”

Oh, but that means we all have to take a good laxative. Fat chance. Pass the supersized chips and a diet 2 liter.

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